MSc (Hons) Zoology

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Graduates of any discipline.

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Why to do M.Sc in Zoology?
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Msc Zoology

This course has Zoology a long-standing reputation for quality teaching with research and industry oriented approach for undergraduates. The department educates the students into broad spectrum of biology ranging from ecology and chordates, and specializing into cell & molecular biology and biotechnology. The Department also enrolls students for highly regarded MSc Zoology course. Admission to MSc Zoology is made centrally by the Faculty of Science, The Zoological museum in the department help to enhance the understanding of the subject from grass-root level. The practical are supported by excellent laboratory facilities and well-trained faculty members. Specialization in main areas of Zoology like Reproductive Biology and Entomology. Which coordinates seminars delivered by noted speakers, organizes inter-departmental competition, picnic etc. The Department also has an equally dynamic and vibrant society called \"GENESIS\" that organizes excursions, seminars, panel discussions, competitions, quizzes etc. The programmers of Genesis are organized in every alternate year along with the Botany Zoology also send the students to a variety of popular National and International Institutions such as, Advanced Scientific Research, Indian Institute of Sciences, University of Delhi, WWF and TEERI for summer training programmers and internships. The has been ably guiding students to pursue their higher studies in esteem academic Institutions in India and abroad, as well taking care of their progressive achievements. The Faculty members undertake continuous challenges to improve their teaching skills.

Aniket Said:
The Zoology is concerned in the development of the appropriate skills, such as logical scientific analysis, integration of knowledge from special field and disciplines, creative thinking and synthesis in the fields of basic and higher Zoology.
Mrunal Said:
The students pursuing this course would have to develop in depth understanding various aspects of the subject. The working principles, design guidelines and experimental skills associated with different fields of Zoology
Akash Said:
The Department also offers service courses in Human Biology to Nursing Science students.
Suchita Said:
IN the Msc the Zoology courses are the most excellent courses for our future .
Akhilesh Said:
This Zoology course was excellentis courses in the mcs.
Rupa Said:
The Zoology course was the important courses for our future development and career path.
Mousumi Said:
The coureses of Zoology very interesting course in the msc.
Datar Said:
The course of zoology was a good structure with modules and that they work through in her future career.
Sukanya Said:
This courses of zoology will give started challenging, immediately and give a deep end .
Sali Said:
In the zoology courses the teaching support is good, and since the people be very friendly and it was easy to get help .
Athulya Said:
"In the msc of Zoology I would surely recommend this course."
Ankit Said:
The course of Zoologyis very methodical and very grateful for the job opportunity is a part for a moment in time student wills effective for a misuse organization.
Aakash Said:
The Zoology courses structure was great, although very strong also satisfying and very helpful to complete jointly with work in to the business.

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